Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Back to electricity

After those last few days where we had outdoor showers with buckets filled from our water tank and as we depleted all our house candle stock, life resumes. It was an "interesting" experience, no more communication, not even telephone contact. I hope you were all safe despite some potential inconvenience. 
It now feels so good to go on with my work...

I am preparing for a solo show beginning of March. It is called "Meandering". There I explore the relationship between meanders and landscapes, allowing for artistic licence to abstract our planet Earth. I still keep in parallel my clay creations and my painting as I find they truly enrich each other.
Here is a detail of "Lucky", a large painting in the making. Its name is the result of meanders leaving behind them shapes like horseshoes when they grow and shift. Those dead branches of water cut out from the main stream get a life of their own and scar the landscape for a long time. Fascinating patterns!

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  1. Glad to hear you are all ok after the wild weather Beatrice - going without the necessities sure reminds us of how lucky we really are. Fascinating process you are creating with your work, good luck with your exhibition preparations.